[Tutoriel] Entretien des grenades (40 mm et à main)

Airsoft Entrepot TV – How to maintain a grenade Hello everyone ! Today we'll see how to maintain gas and CO2 grenades Even if this kind of product isn't used as oftenly as your primary gun or even your secondary gun, they do require a regular maintenance in order for them to work properly at the right moment In Airsoft, just like in reality, several types of grenades exist for different types of use From the 40 mm grenade for grenade launcher to the hand grenade, or the trap grenade you can half bury in the ground The whole point of those products is to hit one or several players with a single use of them Today's video will be about gas 40 mm grenades like this ATM grenade which works either with gas or CO2 But we will also see how to maintain handgrenades like this Cyclone Impact from Airsoft Innovation However, the general reasoning shown in this video can be used for pretty much any grenade type device you may own In order to maintain your grenade, here is what you'll need A valve key (or a big flat screwdriver), silicon oil, weapon cleaner, lithium grease and paper towel 40 mm grenades A 40 mm grenade allows you to send a whole cloud of bbs toward the adversary Even if its operation is very different from a real 40 mm grenade, its use is pretty much the same : hit several players at once Its maintenance is easy enough, but you need to be careul not losing any internal part while you actually maintain it First, unscrew the gas loading valve On the ATM grenade, you have here a O-ring ; its point is to assure that no gas leaks from the external of the valve Put some silicon oil on this O-ring : it will feed the O-ring and make sure that it continues doing its job The thread of the valve itself may be dirty : don't hesitate to clean it, using weapon cleaner and paper towel The valve itself also has its own O-ring : put some silicon oil on it Note there is no need to put a lot of oil : a single drop is enough You can now screw the valve back To maintain what's inside the grenade, first unscrew the bottom part Beware : bearings may fall ! Be careful not to lose any, otherwise your grenade won't work properly You can now remove the grenade firing pin In order to assure that this part moves smoothly, apply lithium grease around it and on its spring Now take the head of the grenade : note the 3 O-rings, put some silicon oil on both of them Now, put lithium grease in the bearings emplacement And put the bearings back in place You can now put back the firing pin spring, and the firing pin itself Screw back the bottom part of the grenade ; be sure that it's correctly aligned with the firing pin Here it is ! Your 40 mm grenade is now well maintained and functionnal Don't hesitate to do that again regularly so you won't have bad surprise on the field Handgrenades In the last few years, a lot of small companies started their business by developing their own hand grenade A lot of airsoft players were indeed interested in this kind of device, which are very useful on the field A handgrenade is very useful in order to clean a room or an enemy position without having to break cover We currently do not propose any grenade like this on our website However, we will show you how to maintain one of the most famous airsoft handgrenade of the market : the cyclone impact from Airsoft Innovation This grenade has a simple and effective mechanism, made to "explode" when it hits any surface Most impact grenades work on the same principle ; therefore the maintenance process tends to be the same Timer grenades work a bit differently, but their maintenance is more or less the same Some grenades, like the Impact grenade, are sold with their own silicon oil, especially selected for the device First, disassembly the grenade in order to access the injection valve As usual, you'll need to use silicon oil in order to nourish the O-ring In the case of the Cyclone Impact, open the gas compartment and put silicon oil on the O-ring ensuring the compartment leak tightness Under the head, you can see another O-ring assuring the leak tightness of the upper part : lubricate it as well Now, clean the upper part of the grenade Since the grenade is oftenly thrown on the dirt, it tends to get dirty very quickly Put some weapon cleaner and clean it with paper towel You can now reassemble the grenade Here it is, your handgrenade is now perfectly functional ! Note that even if you don't actually own a cyclone impact, the maintenance procedure is still mostly the same The important parts being to lubricate with silicon oil each O-ring of your device and clean the dirt accumulated on it with weapon cleaner This reasoning can be used for the tornado, zoxna or kimera grenade for example Don't hesitate to read the booklet provided by the maker ; it may indicate on which parts you need to focus on Voila ! This video is finished now and you now know how to maintain your grenades You can say good bye to malfunctions and devices who go "pssccccht" instead of "BOOM !" If you liked this video, don't hesitate to like, comment and subscribe ! This was Max for Airsoft Entrepot TV, see you next time !

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[Tutoriel] Entretien des grenades (40 mm et à main)

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