[Tutorial] AEG Piston swiss cheese mod guide/Μέθοδος “Ελβετικό τυρί” για πιστόνια airsoft

ENJOY OUR VIDEOS ON FHD 1080p 60fps! welcome to another episode of AIRSOFT REVIEWS HD and here i have only one piston on this episode we are going to talk about the SWISS CHEESE MOD on pistons with this method we remove plastic mass from the piston which will make it more lightweight after this modification the piston looks like swiss cheese so lets see what is the swiss cheese mod and how it can be done by yourself first of all keep in mind that this modification is worth only for AEG's that can shoot fast out of the box or have already upgraded to shoot at least 25 rps for AEG's that shoot less than 25 rps, this modification will not provide anything more than 1 or 2 rps so cutting or drilling a piston on a slow rps AEG gearbox is not the best idea for upgrade making a swiss cheese mod that will give you only max 2 rps is not the best result but for those who want to create an ultra speed airsoft gun this modification is necessary you can see my ultra speed m4 from the video link in the description for the high speed modifications, 1 or 2 rps more are valuable the swiss cheese mod is nothing more than mass removal from the piston so the piston becomes more lightweight so the motor can peak it up and pull it back fast also the circle time will be reduced but the most important improvement of lightweight piston is that it holds better its position on the gearbox and the AOE is improved better AOE means that the sector gear will engage the piston in the best way without damaging the teeth for high rps rifles, a good AOE is necessary and without it the gearbox will fail imagine how much stress can take the peak up tooth on a gearbox that can hit 35 or more rps as i always say, there are many methods for the swiss cheese mod and i will never admit that the way i show to you is the best way to do it but after a good research and many applications on upgrades i have done, i believe that this methods are effective there are many ways to apply the swiss cheese mod i will tell you some popular ways to apply this mod and i will show you how to do it with examples but before that let me show you what kind of tools you will need for this modification those are the tools you will need to apply the swiss cheese mod you will need an electrical dremel the most of them have rpm regulators and of course some drills and sanding tools you will need some sanding tools to remove the plastic that extents from the holes because the piston surface must be smooth after the modification also i suggest to get a mini vice to place the piston on so you can work easily this mini vice can be easily installed even on a desk so you can hold the piston steady so you can make linear holes without any mistakes i will take this tools away now and let me tell you a few words before starting the modification so this is a classic army stock piston its a polycarb piston with polycarb piston head i suggest to remove the piston head before the modification just loosen the screw from the inside of the piston and remove it and then create your plan for the cutting or the drilling there are many ways to remove plastic from the piston the first plan is to drill many holes of different sizes on the piston you can create different patterns of the holes with small and many holes, two lines of holes or one line of big holes etc before drilling you must know some basic rules on this area which is close to the piston teeth i will suggest you to make only one line of small holes i strongly suggest you not to remove to much plastic here because you will make the piston very weak if you decide to create "windows" than holes do not cut the piston on the teeth area because this point takes the hole stress during operation of the gearbox on the top part you can make many holes, windows etc it depends of you patience but always have in your mind that if you remove too much plastic you will make the piston very weak but of course you will make it lightweight too i will say that this modification is best for AEG's that shoot under 400 fps (20g) for AEG's over 400 fps you can only apply a few small holes to gain max 2 rps and make a better AOE so the sector gear will engage the piston in the best way for AEG's over 400 fps cutting the piston is a bad idea and it will propably brake for AEG's less than 400 fps, like the cqb rifles and you want to make it really fast you can apply the swiss cheese mod (in our country we prefer semi fire in cqb games) i have created a very fast rifle and you can see the results (link in the description) and for such a fast rpm rate, you have to remove as much plastic as you can of course you must not remove any plastic from the piston head and the teeth area you can remove big pieces from the top (window cutting) or circle pieces or you will drill it with many holes always remove plastic symmetrically so the weight is balanced create the same number of holes or cutting on each side if the cutting is non symmetrical the weight balance will be bad and the piston position will be affected lets start now the drilling example of course you have to experiment with this modifications a lot always keep in mind not to cut to much the piston because you will make it too weak and it will finally fail lets put the piston on the vice we have the piston on the vice so it will be steady during the drilling before starting, get all your tools close to you also you must know that this modification will create too much dirt from the plastic of the piston especially if you deside to drill the piston there will be too much plastic dirt so you must be ready to clean your working space i have installed a small drill on my dremel i prefer to create many small holes and no big cuttings i always take my time and work slowly to avoid any mistake that it will cost me a part i will set my dremel on low rpm rate i will hold the piston with one head to be steady and i will start the drilling as i said, you can see the dirt that is produced the classic army polycarb piston is tough so i will increase the rpm rate of the dremel i try to keep same distance between holes i have done a line with holes on the top side of the piston, and i am really filled with dirt from the plastic you can continue making holes next to this line i have done at any pattern you want or you can install a cutting rotor to cut windows it depends on the type of the gearbox set up and the final upgrade target you can experiment in different types of cutting or drilling but be ready to sacrifice some parts the more plastic you remove the more lightweight the piston becomes in my opinion this modification will give good results only for low fps AEG's with high rof and i will say that this modification will not give any upgrade to powerful AEG like the woodland type rifles over 400 fps the only advantage of swiss cheese mod in powerful airguns will be the better AOE the better AOE is a very impartant upgrade but you must have a very durable piston to apply swiss cheese mod in powerful AEG's also you must experiment firstly in much lower fps AEG's to get critical experience for those modifications before we end this episode let me show you one more thing after the drilling you can see there are pieces of plastic stuck on and under the holes its very important to smooth those plastic dirts on the surface of the piston if you leave those dirts on the piston, they will fall in the gearbox during the operation and they will cause problems in moving parts the gearbox must be clean and lubricated inside so it will keep working for long time so get a sanding tool on the dremel and after you finish the drilling or cutting modifications smooth all the surfaces apply soft forces on the piston surface with the sanding tool and remove the dirt without sanding too much the surface as you can see the dirt has been removed successfully its very important to keep the surface clean and smooth of course you must smoothen all the surfaces of the piston and i suggest to do that for the internal surface too because the internal dirt or pieces of plastic will create problems on spring rotation just imagine how fast all the internal parts of the gearbox are moving during operation its just like a car engine, where everything must move smoothly and normally having dirt, plastic pieces falling apart etc will create serious problems do the smoothing also if you cut windows all this kind of modifications need your patience don't try to finish this modification as fast as you can for the beginners you can practice on an old stock piston before doing it on an upgraded piston so thats all for this episode if you like that video subscribe to my channel also check my other technical videos (links on description) thanks for watching and see you on the next episode!

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[Tutorial] AEG Piston swiss cheese mod guide/Μέθοδος “Ελβετικό τυρί” για πιστόνια airsoft

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