Shooting .50CAL – Austrian Armed Forces Testing Lab

Caliber 86 You know it's cute It's nice for childbirth and stuff but for home defense before the review you definitely have to go with the caliber 50 right here Barrett M82 very iconic gun Hey what's up guys today? I'm here back at Austrian military

I noticed this an airsoft channel, but sometimes we'll doing different stuff I did a 14-day tea Look series of the sniper training can check it right here in this box, please check it out It's amazing It's really to explain slee a cameraman following me on my sniper training to go check it out And if you're following if you were following it you've seen that I got a training on a caliber 50 Sniper Rifle 2 hs 50 From Stara, but it didn't get to shoot it because it was very limited time, but today we'll be able to shoot this piece right here Barrett M82 and the Armament defense technology agency that's where I am right now in Austria And they testing all kinds of equipment before it gets issued So we have the M82 sniper rifle right here? Which you get to shoot which I'm very excited for then we have the assault rifle and also the new sniper rifle It's going to be issued we are getting to test all of this sniper rifles here in the shooting channel Which is 500 meter long, so you're going to feel accurately this you can also see which material it can penetrate it which distances So got a bit interesting day now to warm up again on life I'm around shooting I'm going to get started with the sog center 7 into a two configurations excited to shoot a gun again Let's go Alright, so here We have two results with the Aim point little bit to the left Let's put this thing on if we startin on the floor grip and if I press it I'm going to see it's very strong laser light right here and As you can see I can go all the way down to the eliminated Target Right here

We have the old sniper rifles that T69 and that's the new one that will be issued very soon It's not the same caliber, so this is following the rangers the difference is huge It's very simple looks more or less like a hunting rifle You can adjust the length to pull but that's pretty much everything you can do on this rifle if you look at this, that's just a masterpiece of Possibilities to adjust you can fold the stock to make it shorter you can adjust The motor-Pod even the length of two things not just the height of your bar space But also the angle that cheek rest height crusade adjustments you even have a chemo to ascent extended rail So you can amount some fancy nitrogen system, or thermal size and then of course We have this better silencer right in front and the bipod so the gun is brand new it's not out there yet It's here to get tested by the agency of awesome military I'm so pumped into this thing the caliber of this rifle is a 86 so thats a Lapua Magnum 3 3 8 Telda 86 You know it's cute

It's nice for child parts and stuff but for home defense for the Raziel You definitely have to go with the caliber 50 right here Barrett M82 very iconic gun you know it from a lot of video games a lot of movies Semi-Automatic actually I can't wait to dancing It's just heavy the beasts can take down a helicopter so amazing rifle That's at least Thank you living That's right there Many things getting heavy now if it's all the recoil of these things shouldn't be too bad due to the muzzle break in France, but what a Lot different is the pressure development especially because it's a closed room with this round We should be able to feel it All right To say how I can feel the pressure like on your body collapsed your chest a little bit you you In this facility they are not just testing the range and the power of the sniper rifles But all kinds of equipments so right here with the cattle where's the manufacturer claims that they can with their and nine millimeter We will test it right away obviously before it gets issued All right, let's find out ready ready Okay, let's have a look-see As you can see the nine-millimeter infected right here Let's have a look at the block Yeah, right there there must be a lot of thing where you can see the nine-millimeter couldn't penetrate the material Feel I mean it correct open right here, but the capital itself is not damaged I mean, it's damaged But it didn't went all the way through Obviously because of physics the energy of the bullet has to go somewhere usually it's a very small surface That's why it will go through skin and the flesh behind but here this vest breast energy, so it will be a punch But it's not going to kill you This blocks of ice the manufacturer claims that it can withstand a nine-millimeter, but what if we go higher? What if we go up to five five six obviously due to physics the projectile is a lot faster which means more energy? Let's announce that we can penetrate it So look it went all the way through Here we go Yeah

Here's the 9-Millimeter But here is the impact point of the five five six It's a lot smaller Because it just went all the way through without censoring enemy energy to the best itself went right through the Target Actually, oh yeah it also correct the bullet in the back Went all the way through no way but explosive devices obviously Four different kinds of ammunition you need different kinds of certified vests this one not strong enough for a 556 and that's why this Agency here exists the testing equipment they having you look What they need for which combat situations all right guys Hope you enjoyed the aromantic defense technology agency video if you want to see more stuff like this you can check out the video Right here of the Sniper training v-Loc you have to check it out if you haven't seen it yet It's really cool, so together we starts from military So thanks having me in I hope you can do some fighting operations Like the military or officially I'm a soldier right now of the austrian army, and I'm here for two weeks Inside the two weeks I'm allowed to record videos, and I'm quite excited finally going back to the military Got a haircut You check if your pistol cycles correctly you just look into the chamber like respect forward little bump here to make sure the guns cycles Properly and little slap on a magazine just to make sure all the parts in the right place I checked on my buddies if they get injured or something like this and then the pistol goes Back into the foster it looks kind of weird We're standing there and doing those drills over and over and over but they have to learn this way otherwise when in a stressful situation You won't be able to do it so even if there's bullets flying around

It's like grenades exploding I will still be able to drum a pistol in a proper way putting on my climbing gear

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Shooting .50CAL – Austrian Armed Forces Testing Lab

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