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Hello guys, Lion here with another review for MundoAirsoftercom channel

Today we'll see the buttstock that I had shown you in the previous unboxing It's the stock, from Slong which is a new Chinese manufacturer and it seems to aspire to products of certain quality A common way to differentiate the quality materials in terms of plastics is to see if the finish is smooth or rough The ones that are soft, smooth, usually are cheaper plastics And those with a rough finish usually are polymers of higher quality

For example, this stock reminds me of the Crane SOPMOD stock of my Vega Force MK18 Which was also well made with a rough finish, being a bit heavy and generally gave a good feeling like this The stock itself is simple Mentioning the SOPMOD you can appreciate the influence in its design, in the sense that profile is the same: triangular for two side housings Interior compartment is accessible removing the rear piece, pushing the sides to release the tabs squeeze, and pull away

The good thing is that it features a bobby pin and we won't lose it in the middle of a game And so we would have accommodation for typical nunchaku batteries to put in each side, or anything else that we wanted to carry in case the battery is inside the buffet tube In the top it features an sling attachment A little small perhaps, we'll only be able to pass the strap of slings without clamps or hooks, something like a VTAC At the bottom, what makes distinctive this stock, is the ability to carry an extra magazine It's a magwell with a mag catch

And has a hole surrounding the feeding part of the mag to avoid the BBs are released So, finally in front of the magwell there's the stock release lever to adjust stock's length What I didn't like? It works kinda like most of stocks you press it and the stock slides But the thing is it doesn't have a lock nor can be locked by other means Taking the classic Colt M4's stock, lever has a flat part and you can use rubber bands or zip ties, avoiding it from being pressed if something hits it

And when you really want to slide it, simply remove the band But it's not the case of this stock Although our lives doesn't depend on it, but it would be nice to have some sort of additional protection Simply press this thing here and adjust the stock Anyway it's a fairly small area so the chances of something accidentally pressing it aren't really high

After a CQB game I made a video speaking about the mag attachment feature doing some reloads and speaking about its comfort, possible problems, etc This is the Slong stock, featuring an attachment to carry an extra magazine in the rear part of your rifle Let's make a couple of reloads to see how comfortable it is I drop the mag, take a new one, insert it OK The motion isn't all that natural, needing various fingers to press the mag release Let's try it again with the other hand Get your hand off the pistol grip, press with your thumb and insert the mag

It's easier to use this thumb to press the release button, and the shooting hand is closer And now a quick attempt of an speed reload Nah, could be better Let's try a few more times As reloads are usually made with the advanced hand is normal that the first times you'll instinctively try to do it with that hand, and due to muscle memory and not getting confuse I'll use the same for all types of reloads, even with this stock

Now I'll do the same but from the other side First with my left hand And now with the other The interesting thing is that if we use the left hand we can do both things at once While we are taking out the current magazine we can grab the one from the stock to reduce the time it takes to reload

You see that there is a considerable difference Speaking about shooting from prone position both mags are attached at a similar height Let's see And because they both have the same length, it's kinda like having a rear monopod But the rifle is pointing slightly down

To shoot straight we'll need to raise the rifle or only support it on the rear mag But hey, it isn't the nuisance I thought it would be during the unboxing In any case, you can carry short mags, vietnam style Carrying the extra mag with your rifle pointing down, it protrudes a considerable amount, and you'll get hang on things at first But after half an hour you get used to it

And that's the stock Now that we've seen some reloads, I'm going to talk about them Basically as right handed, that's my shooting hand While my left is the 'reaction hand' and the forward one Then, when I reload as dexterous, normally and because of muscle memory I'll attempt to reload with my left hand, which has to move a longer distance to reach the stock and take out the magazine, where you'll use your middle and ring fingers to press the mag release

Once out, insert the mag in the mag well as usual For your shooting hand, distance is shorter but dropping the grip and trigger isn't the best choice on a firefight Reaching the mag we can easily press the mag release with out thumb Take it and introduce it It is faster

Of the two options I'll choose the first (because muscle memory as I said) to always reload using the same hand, while trying to multiple things at the same time Meaning: first move your reaction hand to the stock, then press both mag release buttons and reload the mag from the stock while the other mag falls down And I think that's the best way to reload with this accessory As for slings I think 2-points are the best option because, we all know 1-point are nice fro transitions: drop the rifle, grab your secondary But then they hang loose, and with the extra mag protruding it might hit stuff and that's not a good thing

With a 2-point sling we can move the rifle to our back, tight the sling and done Nothing else to worry about And now, to reach a conclusion, in general terms this is a stock with the usual price tag of stocks that aren't cheap repros $40 is the price of other brands like PTS It is well made, with good materials, a nice finish, no burrs, no mold lines so overall a great external quality Similar design to a SOPMOD/Crane with side storage, with a bobby pin to prevent losing the rear cover

And doesn't have storage caps like Crane, so you won't lose those either Whatever you carry inside, will be nicely protected The mag attachment feature is obviously the most appealing thing of it it's a great feature and the stock is designed in a way that it isn't bulky if we don't want to carry a mag there, if we decide we don't need that extra mag 'cause we're only interested on the storage So yeah, without a mag is the typical Crane profile stock, nothing annoying The negative thing: the stock release lever can't be blocked in any way, which it is a pity but as I said is a tiny button

The odds of hitting something and press it are quite small So overall I think this Slong product is pretty good, and you can find it at ShooterCBGearcom for $40 and it's a new brand that may be interesting to follow I have other product to review that I'll try to show you too Thanks for watching and see you on MundoAirsofter


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Review Slong Stock – Mundo Airsofter

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