MILSIM CYDONIA VI | Capsule Airsoft España

I don't even have my own sleeping bag I am in the Cydonia VI MilSim Yesterday night we had some game already but I was in the FOB helping with the radio I will play more tonight This is our base camp, practically in the town That house is the town And I like a lot the atmosphere in general I'm here and there is people fishing, here too A man walking the dog, they don't mind us, no one gives a fuck they don't mind we have replicas, I like this tranquility atmosphere They know we are here and we're not crazy people, just playing our event an event organized with the city council, the civil guards know about it so we're welcome to come here and take a coffee This is the attitude I'm feeling here, and I like it I know there was an event in a town few time ago, in Villar de los Navarros it was like "OMG we're playing in the whole town" here we have very strict rules of engagement in the town so you can only engage combat in some specific points of the town and only when you're told to do that, I'm not in that point yet because maybe my mission is not about that Not a big deal for me, I'm a bit done of CQB in my my city But I like this mood, I know that in the other town event was even the TV reporters I like this This discretion and normality I rather prefer the the absence of the media, neither negative nor positive discrimination And I really like it, I took a coffee, obviously without my replica but with the uniform and so, being like hey sorry where can I take a coffee here? That's all

Nobody asking confused, nothing This was the 6th edition already and they dont' care, is just another event Is like a marathon event, maybe someone will come to look at you or ask for a photo But just like if this was a marathon event, or whatever I'm really licking this, the quiet atmosphere I like this This is my job Shall I check all that hill right? -Yes, just in case ok? *Kenny to Kempa

Do you copy?* *Kempa to Kenny I copy you* *We're in the top of the stairs 50 m to reach the explosives plant point* *We expect no cover We can tell you already* *Perfect Keep the contact/- when you finish give me the/-* This reminds me to Taking Fire series, when they seek for spots When you said pickaxe you mean this Buffy Vampire Slayer stake? In areas like this and facing the sun, all you can do is search for spots where you would place a look-out Or we can contact Kempa and request a Drone Support

Maybe not I have the mines Face to the side That's it, nailed That path takes this side down the beach But I don't know if that is water Maybe between that two crests? We've reached the bottom *How's the mission going?* The coms repeater has been shut down, we lost radio contact with Kempa This is Grey 5-5 Mission status 80% to complete Have more mines? I have another one here for later Don't worry Kenny

Mission at 85% complete I'll use the radio if you need something This side is clear *Copy you Grey This is Kenny* *I see people in the path* Roger, getting in position See me raising my rifle? (Mines planted) Roger, Mission complete 3 Mikes to go up there *Kempa to Mario* The radio channel is pricked Enemy hast sent troops from the base Repeat the mission

Want us to take the antenna? *On the way to the enemy base, eliminate all the enemies you see* Ok roger Don't let them reach the antenna *I know they are taking the path, they have a security perimeter* *on the way to the antenna Eliminate them* *Roger 5-5* So we just climbed all We were behing that crest Then climbed up here But hey, this is beautiful as fuck *They are near you In your area you should be *NegativeThey didn't spot you yet* They have dark uniform Is not multicam "Try to take a photo of the commander" Eliminate is not our mission anymore Not only eliminate and fall back

We must take a photo The first we must do is overview their base This is "whitebeard"? Are you kidding me? (Obejective photo taken by allies) He's an artifice -Ok he has Flecktarn Roger I see him Objective spotted We must eliminate him Fire *Fall back They're dead* Grey run! (Objective down) *Radio is working again

We have line with Kempa* Covering the path Grey covering the path *This is command kempa is taking a lunch Do you copy?*^ Loud and clear *Thank you Got a mission for you

Are you near the enemy base?* We took it down,then we fall back *Roger Rest and pay attention to me* *If you have a map there, I'll explain you the next mission* We don't have a map but we have a damn cool GPS *Roger that Do you know here the cemmetery is?* *I don't know how many enemies, but they are moving on your way* *They carry a cargo I don't know what is* *But their mission is taking it to the base* *Your mission is to intercept them* Tell us what is the mission exactly *Find an ambusch point Your mission is not let them take the cargo on base* *No prisoners

Just take down the enemy* Roger, we start mission Cut We're very tired Ran out of water Basically we just saw a tango, probably exploring before taking the cargo here (The enemy didn't appear with the cargo) We must find the black box from an plane No, we must take the satelite (Objective is find a satelite crashed behing the hill) See the satelite? Is down there Ok I see it Ok we start to descend Lead the way Be careful It could have a bomb Be careful with the bottom There's nothing inside the satelite, ask to Kempa *We must take the satelite* All? -*I repeat Take all the satelite* Roger that I was told to take a black box that was inside This is Grey

Gaston is pickung up the mines and I'm fixing the satelite again Gaston this is Grey, how you doing? I'm over *Ok team, got it?* Take it *Task force to command I heard messages* *We got the satelite Taking it to the base* (Satelite captured) (The event had more missions We could film this) See you later People from the town just asked us "how is it going? are you winning or what?" Yes sir, now you said that I feel more like a winner

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MILSIM CYDONIA VI | Capsule Airsoft España

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