[Kit list] Tenue irakienne

Airsoft Entrepot TV Kit list – Irakian load out Hello YouTube ! I'm Marco and today we'll see how to make a load out inspired by Irakian armed forces A relatively simple load out to make, which mixes old school and modern products and has the advantage of being versatile Indeed, since the USA provided a lot of gear for Irak, it's possible to use a lot of american material and still be credible The load out The shirt is black with an ACU cut (Army Combat Uniform), here it's from Pentagon The pants use a 3 colors desert camouflage (DCU), with a BDU cut (Battle Dress Uniform), proposed by Propper You can use any boots with a tan color, most coming from American supplies ; here I use Pentagon boots You can use pretty much any gloves you want You can also use a shemagh, used a lot for protection against the sun and sand A bit less useful in our western environment, it's still useful for protection against bbs A FAPC (Fast Attack Plate Carrier) is a good compromise protection and carrying capability You can use a few different pouches (magazine holders, grenade, dump pouch, IFAK medic pouch) Thanks to the very versatile MOLLE system, you can really imagine a lot of different configurations A belt with help you carrying a dump pouch and a holster, and maybe also a knife, pistol mag holder, etc A helmet if very important for the soldier protection Here I'm using a 2002 mich, with a NVG rhino mount In Airsoft, a helmet will protect you from some painful bbs and can also protect your head from bumps Knee pads will also protect your knees and help you crouch for long periods of time Protection glasses are also used a lot ; close quarter environments tend to rapidly get saturated with smoke and dust, etc Obviously, in airsoft, you'll need glasses to protect your eyes from bbs ! The guns For this load out, you can for example use a M16 replica, which will match your load out very well I'm using here a A2 variant, characterized by its handguard, its carry handle and forward assist In this case, it's a model proposed by G&P, it has a great finish It's actually one of my personnal gun It's equiped with a Vector Optics X4 scope, made to be mounted directly on M16/M4 carry handles I'm using stanag type magazines from our brand, ATM ; they work very well with my G&P M16 My gun is also equiped with the TITAN mosfet from gate, which gives the gun a good reactivity and burst capability The coalition has been in Irak for several years, which explains why you can see so much gear and weapons from it You can therefore use a large variety of guns and gears for this load out The load out shown here is quite simple to produce It mixes old school with modern, like FAPC and 3 desert colors for example When it comes to long guns, you can for example use AK or armalite type of guns Same thing for the pistols : M9, Glock or P226 type of replica will do ! You can also use several types of helmets : PASGT, FAST, Mich 2000 You can also make a paint job on it if you want That's all for today ! I hope you liked this video ! Don't hesitate to give us a thumb up, share the video, leave a comment, etc ! It was Marco for Airsoft Entrepot TV ! See you next time and until then : good games !

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[Kit list] Tenue irakienne

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