Guy Brings Home-made Airsoft Gun and Destroys Everyone….

85 Meters your mother IKEA SSG (Malevolent laughter) Hey! How are you guys? Today, I play with my homemade rifle Made of wood, glue and "farts" unicorn Hi It SSG 25 good wood Can you hold? (boom) This is a good pumped made by hand? Yes, he did Can you lift? waste gun it is inconvenient Game Mode: DOMINATION Due to the fact that it is so heavy and uncomfortable And a little more normal rifle It was a little difficult to walk with her And up to the desired position wind >> (Hit) (Hit) (Hit) (???) I noticed a huge number of enemy players Going to our position So I quickly grabbed a smoke bomb And he threw it on the way enemies coming to my position Obzhog palm wow (???) (Hit) Ally * dead * out of ammo While I reloaded the fog cleared, and now they come to our hill ended gas Because of the huge number of enemy players Our position has been completely crushed, "Blue" team So we go back to the base after rebirth We headed to the checkpoint, Still captured the "Blue" team, in order to remove the remaining enemy players and take this point each Statement Protivnik- B * YAT Protivnik- killed (???) (???) (WIND) Close? Yes, just around the corner (Hit) Most enemy players respawn at their bases And we almost took over the nearest point, But we decided to rest "Red"? (???) (Hit) (???) * Enemy players respond to the call of the physician * (WIND) (???) (???) (???) Huge enemy forces just returned from spawn And it is not going to let them point So I stepped back a little and waited until they reach me (Hit) out of ammo Ally * dead * (B * yat) * Forced to retreat even further * here two Where? for hopper OK (Hit) (Hit) They do not see me Checkpoint now free If you can reach the back to turn on the red first check Opponents have? I just put two wait wait Couple in the bushes, But if you're fast, can you turn the I think so Careful Wait, I see one (???) OK You can go aha Ally * dead * B * YAT (WIND) (Hit) (Hit) * Checkpoint in blue * (Hit) *come on, come on, come on* (WIND) (Your mother) (2x) IKEA SSG (2x) (Hit) (Malevolent laughter) (2x) (Satisfied exhale ) In any case, guys If you really want to plunge into the airsoft I recommend SILO SSG 25, Maybe with adhesive tape, PVC, wood and lightning, Despite the fact that the aim of it was a nightmare Because it was so large and heavy (She said) Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video, and you share it with your friends airsoft, They can also laugh with him Thanks for watching, guys, and I hope to see you next

Source: Youtube

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Guy Brings Home-made Airsoft Gun and Destroys Everyone….

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