AIRSOFT Vs. MILSIM: Perspectives & Evolution as a Player

Hello everyone I'm Michi Welcome to Outdoor Chupacabra Today I'd like to talk to you and say a few words On the ones that I think are the main differences between a game and an Airsoft MilSim or even Reenactment At least where I live here in Italy I realize this may seem a fine line For those who are unfamiliar with both types of game But, there is a line and a lot of misconceptions about it How do I know these things? Well, I'm involved in the Airsoft community for quite some time I started playing very young and about four or five years ago Along with some of my closest friends we decided to establish a team of our own Call "Reapers Team" Yes, in Italy we call it and not Airsoft Airsoft About a year ago the team was disbanded For different reasons And I decided to become part of a community of MilSim / largest reenactment of northern Italy The 5th Delta I met some of them during a trade fair Where they were holding a CQB course for beginners They also had great equipment and they seemed cordial boys What is beyond doubt In this team I found players with an incredible military knowledge What they knew all about setup, equipment, weapons and equipment Used by soldiers around the world And they were equipped themselves with a very detailed and realistic kits Defined not only by a reference unit but also by a specific time frame of reference Already interested in this kind of thing, the transition pretty easy for me fù And I was immediately fascinated by this new approach to the Team But that's not all, also played in a very different way More complex and detailed With a military simulation perspective rather than a skirmish with pellet guns So, these are what I believe the differences between Airsoft and MilSim GAME Once you set foot in a MilSim game you will immediately feel the difference The teams will move in a certain way or training They receive orders from a Team Leader And in many cases, each player has a role Team Leader, Doctor, Basher, Sharpshooter or support are among the most common One other big difference in our games MilSim It covers injuries and how to treat them Each MilSim circuit can change some aspects about We manage everything with a three wounds System The first shot creates a wound in the leg That can be edited by anyone with a bandage It is usually one player and five to doctor Once you cured you can not run or jump According stroke generates a hand injury You lose the use of one hand and need immediate care only by a physician Third, and last wound is an injury to the eye A very bad situation Although the medical care it is now completely useless It slows down the whole team In a game MilSim not we leave a wounded in the shoulder Unless it is in an extremely critical situation This greatly processes the dynamics of the game and enhances the realism Each player must take care not only of himself But the whole team Covering each other, moving intelligently and collectively If there are too many injured or the doctor is hit Leaving the team locked After a certain period of time You can return to HQ That is probably very far To leave again after a short break You can then see how the dynamics are different than normal games of Airsoft What they are definitely more playful and fun in general The scenarios are usually more intuitive and simple How to capture the flag, king of the hill and the classic deathmatch Players are even allowed to move on their own to try to get themselves a series of hit That's what I was doing I always And it was hard for me to avoid it when I switched to MilSim And it still is The last major difference concerns the magazines and firing mode Our MilSim not authorize increased loaders Except for the role of Support That would in any case bring a light machine gun mono or bifilar loaders are the standard This means many more shippers to carry with you and more frequent recharge times This makes sure that the players shoot many more single shots Otherwise it is inevitable end soon the dots Most of the time you can only charge in certain areas This makes it necessary to save shots and shoot only when necessary PLANNING The schedule of games is also different Although they are rather basic in most cases Some matches and Team events are really well made, fun and engaging But usually they transcend the elements of military or political reference While we tend to base our games or "missions" On that kind of background and scenario Recovery of information, establish landing zones, hostage rescue and cleaning buildings are among the most common And for important events there is always a geopolitical context in which we are "fictitiously" involved This is just to have more immersion And I am aware that this type of wallpapers are not necessarily what one should or should not have MilSim Most MilSim only based on different practical like the ones I listed above EQUIPMENT Although this varies greatly When MilSim meets reenactment certainly the most visible difference is the equipment The Airsoft allows the use of any equipment Masks in the network, any type of accessory or ASG Hell, you could play with a one Stubby and optics of the same length, with an electric charger 4000 dots This does not happen in MilSim The equipment and the equipment are much more realistic Resembling what a real user would use military Who gets reenactment takes everything to another level With 100% equipment or almost equal to that of a real military operator Original or replication depending on the individual choice of Reenactor And 'even common to see true ballistic plates, Kevlar helmets and night vision devices in these environments Well, I hope you enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments how you play And what are the difference between game mode where you play Thank you very much for your attention and, as always, be careful out there

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AIRSOFT Vs. MILSIM: Perspectives & Evolution as a Player

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