(Airsoft) Unboxing the M40A5 Tokyo Marui

Thanks to them ! Hello YouTube, welcome to this new unboxing video ! Today I unbox a new Marui product, this is the brand new M40A5 Tokyo Marui A new model among the sniper rifles from Tokyo Marui They have been there for a long time, but you don't have a lot of choices You have the VSR10, the L96 Variants of both models (notably the VSR10 G Spec) and that's pretty much it But today we also have the M40A5, let's see how it looks like As usual with new Marui products I bought it from Impulse101, Impulse101 being the shop created by a French expatriate in Japan The gun cost 34 800 yens (about 285 euros) and magazines are 2200 yens (about 20 euros) I paid 11 500 yens for the shipping (about 90 euros) ; Japan is far away so it's expensive And I paid some custom taxes as well, about 60 euros It appears that the cardboard box which has been used to make the box was containing M40 Marui in the first place

Julien also included some posters, thanks ! You have the usual blue ribbon, it always feel like opening a gift, I like it As usual you have polystyrene in the cover, to block the gun inside the box and protect it Note also the cleaning rod and the booklet Few other stuff as well (some targets, warranty papers, safety issues, etc) Some Impulse101 patches, pretty nice Note here, those are meant to be used on the stock so you can adjust its length, more about this later in the video More stuff inside ; red safety plug, alen keys (to disassemble the stock probably), some Marui bbs (020 I'd say) Remove the velcro strips to pull out the gun Here is the M40 Marui ; let's remove the hop up flag There is some plastic films here to protect the external barrel from the rail There is another one under the cheek rest Ok this time I removed everything, here is the M40A5 Tokyo Marui ! First thing I can say is that it's definitely heavier and more cumbersome than a VSR10 Especially in it's width, I find it very large, especially around the grip My hand feels really small compared to the grip Feels too big to me, yet I wouldn't say it's uncomfortable Not too sure what to do with my thumb, with pistol grips you'd want to put it around, but it feels better to just let it on top like this Since I'm close to the camera let's look at the whole gun I'm not super impressed by the stock, today it's not uncommon to have nylon fiber plastic parts in Airsoft, this one feels a bit cheap to me in comparison Note the markings here Serial number here Here is the famous rail, which seems very "raw" with this grey color ; I believe the real one looks the same though Here you have holes for QD type sling mounts (not included) You have some on the stock as well Here you have the cheek rest, just unscrew the screws to adjust it Here you have the mag release lever The magazine has a metal shell You don't feed it on top but on the front That's because the inner barrel doesn't start on top of the magazine, but a bit further away It's start around here on top of this hop up adjustment wheel (which I find to be really comfortable to use ; you have the same one on the L96) You have some distance between the magazine and the hop up unit Which means that the bbs have to go through a small tunnel (I'll show you on the booklet) Here are the bbs in your magazine, you lock the magazine, it unlocks the tunnel entreance, 16 bbs go through the tunnel until they reach the hop up unit Which means that the first time you shoot the gun, you can load your magazine, put it in the gun, then put 16 more bbs in the magazine It also means that when you'll shoot the gun, you will not shoot the first bbs from the magazine but the first bbs from the tunnel Note this lever here, it's the locking mechanism If after a game you want to completely empty the gun, remove the magazine and push this lever and let gravity empty the tunnel It's a bit weird but it allows the gun to have a realistic magazine location, not like the VSR10 where you have to put the magazine in front of the gun What is weird though is that you have a short stroke action with the bolt You have the same thing with the AS-01 Amoeba, but it's understandable since the hop up unit is very close Why Marui choose to have a short stroke action ? I have no idea It might be a problem for players who want to use heavy bbs with high powers, they might not have enough air in the cylinder In France, since we're limited to 2 joules I'm not sure if it's a problem, but it might be one for you if you have high power limits where you live A nice feature on the bolt is that you can now see if it's armed or not Here you have the safety (forward = disengaged) Now it's armed again, you can see it's sticking out here Let's see how the trigger feels like The first travel is very long, and then you have a wall Then boom It actually feels pretty cool, I like it Obviously the gun power is about 300 FPS, you don't have a strong spring inside but it's soooo smooth, it's really a nice feeling Earlier we saw those parts, it's for the length adjustment of the stock I believe I have to use the small alen key (provided) Now there is some space I guess I just need to slide it in now Not enough room First the bottom, then slide on the side Then I screw back Always nice to be able to adjust this kind of thing Like the L96, if you remove the stock you can adjust trigger pull and trigger weight, let's take a look Also need to remove the rail Here is what it looks like without the stock Here is how to adjust the trigger, left for trigger weight and right for trigger course (I guess) Here is the lever with the tunnel So when you put the magazine, it unlocks the tunnel entreance Flash hider is mounted on a 14 mm CCW thread Just to give you a look I have put my JJ Airsoft scope on it and some cheap harris type bipod I guess I said all I was capable to say about the gun ; I'm not an expert about sniper rifles The gun has just been released, if you are interested I would advice to wait a few months to get the first player feedbacks And also to wait for airsoft upgrade parts to be available so you can safely increase power (trigger group, fult bolt assembly) Yet a few weirds choices have been made by Tokyo Marui, notably the use of this "tunnel of bbs" and the short stroke action I guess there is two scenarios : if you absolutely want a M40 replica, then it's probably a decent choice with upcoming upgrade parts But if you don't care and just want the best performances possible, a VSR10 type gun is maybe a better choice Thanks you for watching, see you next time for the shooting video !

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(Airsoft) Unboxing the M40A5 Tokyo Marui

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