Airsoft Unboxing nº1 Tawaingun,Vest,Ghost Mask,Facial Protection

Hey People, FrosT Team here Im Viking (left) and this is Monkleys (Right) We are now going to unbox some stuff that we bought in Taiwan Gun wich is equipement, protections, etc And also weapons

We also have someone laughing behind the camera Open! How do i open this? Ohhhh

(laughs) its already opened This is way better then slicing ham (Sorry had to say something) Wait a second Im gonna save this bubbles as a memory Well, here we have Mafia's Coyote Vest and its pretty Also mafia's balaclava Put that stuff where it was! This is the vest that Mafia is using in his Coyote Loadout I like it Lets see what else is in here

This are Razor Type Goggles wich are around 17€, right? Yes, right this goggles are flakjacket now let me open this without breaking anything Make some noise, like elevator music (Elevator Music) (More Elevator Music) This goggles are quite cool they have vents so it doesnt fog and have this dust cover here to protect it from dust (Mafia Talking)And Also 3 Types of lens (Back to viking) and this is the dark lens, To play outside in a sunny day We also have balistic Lens wich are for lasers etc

and this are the transparent lens wich are made to play indoors etc And this is a Skull Balaclava (inspired in Ghost) The Mask is a bit weird Viking – Can i open it? Mafia- Sure (weird voice) So this is the balaclava that Mafia is using in his loadout

Lets see how this looks blablabla Ghost bls bla blop blip blas blap blip blop Quite cool Wheres the bag? Its there heres my glasses so i can actually see whats happening And this is a survival bracelet with a whistle in case u get lost or something heres the whistle im not trying it because its not mine Heres mafia's mouth protection this is made to prevent mafia from biting people, nah jk its to protect his mouth Quite useful Viking is gonna show it to you can i? Mafia- Yes It looks good and is really light Yes it is its made of steel (mesh) It gets comfortable with goggles in this ones not so much though This is made so you dont loose your teeth in the field This are the bb's Theres 5000 bb's here Is it from mafia? No its for all of us so 5000 bb's for us all They are high precision bb's (0

20g) We also have my 2000 bb's Whats the weight of this ones? it has Mafia: 0


Source: Youtube

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Airsoft Unboxing nº1 Tawaingun,Vest,Ghost Mask,Facial Protection

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