AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Twisteub’s Workshop ep10 – Secutor Gladius ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello and welcome to twisteub's workshopThis time, I'll change from the 1911, as I'll review the Secutor Gladius

It has been sent by our partner: 020mag 020mag sent me some nice goodies with the pistol: They gave me two fabric banners, two posters, these 6 nice patches and a spare gas magazine On this patch, you'll read the famous sentence "Si vis pacem para bellum", which we hijacked into our team's tag: "Si vis cattum, para bellum" (if you want the cat, prepare for war)

Let's open the box You'll find some safety instructions, as well as a nice manual In the box, you'll also find a spare O ring for the magazine, a summer nozzle (reducing the power) You'll also find a nicely stippled CO2 magazine The gas magazine doesn't come with the same base

Here is the pistol, which I received in the "Bronze" finish (bronze outer barrel, slightly metallic painting on the frame) I have to say I'd rather have a simple dark earth frame The finish looks really great The sights, for example, are night sights The slide is made of metal, and the frame is made of polymer

The frame is really nicely stippled (hand made?), giving it a great prehension If the Rudis was based on a KJworks GBB, this Gladius seems to be an APS based pistol Indeed, it comes with APS' own safety system on the trigger, which I personnally prefer from Marui's safety plate It also comes with a nicely made extended mag catch The rear sight can be mounted on two positions: the standart end of the slide one and just behind the chamber

The slide comes with two holes on it, in order to mount a trijicon RMR or a doctor sight red dot, that's why the rear sight can be advanced I find it really practical and good looking As for most of modern glocks, the replica comes with a mounting rail under the barrel, allowing you to put a laser and/or a flashlight on the pistol The outer barrel is threaded (14mm CCW), and it looks like Secutor's identity, as all the Rudis models also have threaded barrels Comparing it to a more accurate airsoft glock (my custom Salient Arms G34), you'll find some differences, starting by the rail under the barrel

On the Gladius, you'll find a Picatiny type rail, whereas Glock frames only have one seration under the barrel Furthermore, the Gladius doesn't come with any Glock markings, which I personnally like, as it's a fictionnal pistol As it's an APS based pistol, it' fully Marui compatible As you can see, my Airsoft Surgeon slide for TM Glocks is drop in fit The Gladius is compatible with Secutor's Gas and CO2 magazines, but also with Marui based mags, such as this WE magazine

The pistol must be compatible with all Glock rigid holsters, but unfortunately, I don't have any Glock rigid holster anymore However, the Gladius fits well into this XDM holster This leads us to the first negative aspect of the pistol: The frame has not been molded in this color, and the paint doesn't look really sturdy, as it's already scratched To load the magazine, put the CO2 sparclet upside down, and screw the base until you hear the "psschiittt" noise Let's chrony the thing

For the first test, I'm using the freshly loaded CO2mag, as well as the Winter nozzle As you can see, it's really too powerful for the fields I usually play on The first BB was even shot at more than 516fps (probably due to the pressure after the sparclet installation)! The kick is really amazing with the CO2 mag, and my red dot's cover even flew away The second testing has been made with the summer nozzle, and Secutor's gas magazine This time, the pistol shots at a more usable speed: around 260fps with Tanio Koba 0

20g BBS and Propane gas The third test has been made with a Propane filled WE magazine The speeds are the same this time: around 260fps FInally, using the CO2 mag with the summer nozzle shows speeds around 300 to 310 fps, which looks playable This time, the recoil made the whole red dot fly away

As a conclusion, I really enjoy this pistol It comes with a really nice finish (even if I'd prefer a dark earth frame), offers some really nice custom parts (such as the holes in the slide, the red dot mount and the stippling) And it really changes from a basic Glock pistol

After the tests I made, it looks like it's a very effective pistol, with regular cycles and a good range and accuracy (the hopup is usable with BBs from 020 to 025g) However, as for the cons, the pistol is really too powerful with the winter nozzle and the CO2 mag, The paint on the frame looks really too fragile There are also two tiny flaws I didn't mention earlier: the outer barrel can't be disassembled from the slide, as the threading is bigger than the hole behind the slide

Finally, you'll have to clean the pistol at the reception, as mine came full of grease, and there even was silicon oil on the hopup bucking, which can make it porous and ineffective That's all for this video, I hope you enjoyed it As usual, if you have any question, feel free to ask it in the commentary section

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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Twisteub’s Workshop ep10 – Secutor Gladius ( ENGLISH SUBS )

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