*Airsoft Review * Ares Walther WA2000 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

Bruce here from the BB2K Airsoft Channel Today i show you a real classic You see it here

This is the ARES WA2000 Why can I load cartridges here? Is this a Real Steel? I can calm you down That's all just fake These are dummy cartridges in caliber 308 You know it ARES has invested a lot in this replica

I insert the magazine, load the weapon and start the review with the first shot have fun with the ARES Walter WA2000 It starts with the delivery The Ares WA2000 comes in a nondescript cardboard box with carryhandle so that people know what the content is, here is a sticker on the side The Ares is nestled safely in foam

In addition to the Airsoft, we find the bipod, 3 Dummycadriges, a magazine, a manual and a unknown tool That is all taht is in the box i would say, i get the airsoft out now MAGIC 🙂 Thx to digital cut software 🙂 and here it is The Ares Walther WA2000

sensation 🙂 before i start with the airsoft, i tell you something about the real WA2000 and if i would have the real Walther WA2000 on my table, then i would have one of the rarest sniper rifles in the world here Designed by Walther in the 70s, the WA200 was technically and visually the best sniperto his time The whole construction was redesigned from the ground up and is equivalent to any other model At that time the goal is to build a sniper rifle, which without compromising his work does namely be to hit a target with a top precision The sniper rifle was built in the bull-pup design to reduce the length (950mm) without loose the barrel length

Another optical feature is that the entire weapon is built around the barrel Instead of normal to lie above the rifle, the barrel here is a central element This should improve the precision of the rifle The WA2000 is a semiauto sniperrifle It shoot the caliber 300 Winchester, 7

52 or 75 Swiss and enabled several precise shots in a very short time at the target without to lose sight Two versions were built The first had some trouble with the gas block which has been improved in the second version

Also the barrel, muzzle brake, the stock and the bipod has been changed The bipod is untypically top attached to the frame so that the WA2000 hang freely You see this is a very special weapon It is not surprising that James Bond use the WA2000 in the movie "The Living Daylight" to shoot another sniper I also would not have shot

She looks too beautiful 🙂 also in computergame you can see and play the WA2000 Rainbow Six, Hitman, Modern Warfare, Golden Eye and Counterstrike online A very special rifle, which is immediately noticeable Back to the real steel

Produced only in the period between 1982 and 1988 and had a proud unit price of over 15,000 DM! It was not built for the military but more for special police units After the terrible hostage-taking in 1972 in Munich, the police searched for a suitable sniper rifle This is also the reason for the WA2000 The high price and the specialization of the rifle ( only police) stopped the production after 176 pieces This small number makes them among collectors to the Holy Grail so that the WA2000 is today proud sum over the counter Numbers between 20-40K USD flying around! I saw a starting bid of 75K USD for a new one on the internet!!! CRAZY

Source: Youtube

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*Airsoft Review * Ares Walther WA2000 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

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