Airsoft para principiantes #9 | Glock 27 KJW | Guía, consejos, tutorial | Capsule Airsoft España

Hello again, let's continue talking about the replicas we use Now we talk about the secondary used by Rhoads and I This is a KJW Glock 27 (ABS slide), this Rhoads's one, mine is exactly the same, same mag, no mod Long time using this as secondary, and the first gas replica we tried it convinced us to keep using gas after this I decided to buy the gas MP7 So, how did this work? First reason why this one caught our eye: it's cheap, really cheap

We think KJW replicas works quite nice, thinking about how cheap they are This replica in particular has nice aim and we could do frags in long range We didn't even expect 30 meters of non efective range with this Of course it doesn't work as well as Rhoads's Beretta or Burke's USP I'm thinking about buying another secondary, but not because this one is not good enough We just like secondary replicas, Burke also enjoys playing using only secondary Really fun Maybe if I could start again, probably I'd start with a secondary (depending of the game fields) I won't say the same if the game fields I use to visit had long distance But thinking about the CQB game we are doing now I'll probably use my money on a good secondary rather than a primary But, why we choose this replica in particular? The smallest of all Glocks Glock is not exactly our favorite gun type, now we have it I'm starting to like it But for begginers, maybe KJW Glocks are the cheapest choice, and easy to find That's why Wiset decided to buy a KJW Glock 23 I was easy to find mags for it supplies and so That's why we choose Glock models, but why Glock 27? We just wanted the most compact one We didn't like much the Glock style, this model just seem different because of it's slide design This Glock 27 doesn't have metal slide like the Wiset's Glock 23 does But I prefer this one Not metal slide, but in our opinion it's not even needed Wiset doesn't agree thou But I don't fear it getting broken because this ABS seems really hard Mayvbe you doubt about buying it with metal slide or not, but it's not a big deal due to our opinion But we were looking for an small secondary But, does it works? Well, I admit it's comfortable when not using gloves, but a bit small when using them Even having this extension here in the mag, it doesn't feel like having a nice grip when using gloves About the mags, yes I had problems when using some gases, you must test with different ones But it only allows 14 BBs, we admit it's not enough It makes you reload and that's nice But it's better having an extra mag We think 2 mags is enough for a secondary We tried larger KJW mags on this Glock 27 I wanted to use the Glock 23 mags here and use an grip extension piece to cover all the hand, making it more comfortable and with more capacity We tried to do it, but Rhoads had some problems when using Glock 23 mags on his Glock 27

But you can test it on the shop, care about it when buying on Internet The Hop-Up works quite well, not bad range and nice aim We don't expect 1 BB 1 hit, but it works well Seems like the Hop-Up is quite sensible when adjusting it, not like other replicas Also, Glock offers lot of accessories, chest and leg holsters You have seen how we like wearing it on the chest, Glock makes it really easy, not hard to find holsters, even build it on your own it's possible It's easy because the design is jsut simple, so we recommed it because of this, you can find almost any compatible attachments We're using it for several months so we can see if it works or not

Functional, resistant We recommend it, compatible attachments, easy to find mags and KJW products on stores If you're looking for something compact this is a good choice, I don't know about smaller ones You can get information in other channels and webs, but write us if you want to ask or comment, see you on the next video

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Airsoft para principiantes #9 | Glock 27 KJW | Guía, consejos, tutorial | Capsule Airsoft España

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