Airsoft para principiantes #8 | ¿Qué réplica compro? | Guía, tutorial | Capsule Airsoft España

Rhoads: Hey guys what's up One of the FAQ you did is "which replica you recommend to start playing Airsoft?" We always tell you our opinion based on the replicas we have test So we always arrive to the same conclusion

We recommend the G&G CM16 Raider, like this one you see here From all the replicas we've tried this one has the best Quality/price ratio So Grey, what questions would you ask about this replica? Grey: About Quality/price, problems, etc But I'd ask first about what is your config Rhoads: Obviously the replica does not includes this attachments The supressor is non-functional, I just like how it looks, I didn't like the replica so short The grip is quite convenient for me, since I hold the replica just like this The Holographic sight, an Eotech replica, which I already use on my other replica I use it sometimes, basically because I dont' like when a replica is too much heavy, I prefer to improve the agility I dind't change the stock at all, like other people do I don't use the Hi-Cap mag that comes with the replica, I prefer using P-Mag Also this 45º sights that I already show in other video Honestly it's not specially useful, this is Airsoft and it doesn't work well when it comes to lean over corners and so I just like how it looks And finally this ladder handguard cover, rubber, I like how it looks and seems like gives protection to the handguard Grey: So any M4 this is a very versatile replica Any compatibility problems? Rhoads: No, at all

It's a basic M4 with RIS, you have lot of options It's normal to ask about mag compatibility I don't use the Hi-Cap that comes with the replica, I don't like using Hi-cap I've tried this P-Mag (not Magpul), and all the D-Boys mags I already have with the previous replica Them all work Lot of people has this replica, and they use different mag brands, so I don't spect much mag compatibility problems Grey: Which battery do you use? Rhoads: I use this Li-Po, 7,4V, 1100 mAh Tamiya connection It's not hard to find this battery

You can use it for 2 games without charging I'm happy with this replca, I don't need buying anything better yet This is not my first m4 So I'm not thinking about waste more money on this replica, not even to improve the inner barrel Maybe it's because of my way of playing, or because I prefer using my money in other equipment Grey: But, why we always recommend this replica? Rhaods: We were thinking about if it's needed to buy the chespest brands Some players think it doesn't worth, but other say it's a good choice I think G&G gives us the best quality/price ratio Maybe it's not the cheapest one, but not so expensive The combo pack includes a Niquel battery and charger has a nice price, check it out Grey: Lot of people want to start by using an M4 replica, is that a reason why we recommend this? Rhoads: I use M4 because I like it, but it's also a good choice because of compatibility Specially if it comes with a RIS system Grey: Seems like the the things one have are always the best ones So which are the pros and contras? Rhoads: This is not full metal, for me it's ok but for lot of people this is a problem Yes, we've seen abs replicas falling to the ground and being broken Mine hit the floor just once, right here in the barrel, and everything went ok

If you need a full-metal replica you have other choices What actually happens, the same day I opened the box, I saw some small things For example this part of the body is not very well built, it moves Not a big deal The mag release button lose the screw sometimes, I just need to adjust it sometimes After using this replica long time I has this problem I lost a screw here and this piece of the rear sight falls Not a big deal for me since I don't use much this rear sight And anything else Yeah just some eventual problems The barrel muzzle that comes with the replica is plastic, not much quality Maybe a problem if it falls

But not expensive And something I really like, it's quite easy to use GoPro cameras on this replica Sometimes I use 2 cameras I have lot of config choices with this RIS, even using a handlebar on the stock This is only my opinion, I'm using this replica since last october every weekend Any fcuntional problems It has a good range thinking about how short the inner barrel is No, I dind't upgradethe inner barrel or the Hop-Up rubber It has more positive than negative points

And a good quality/price, that's why we recommend this replica for begginers An iniciation replica is not needed to be cheapest one, maybe you prefer to waste more money and have more quality So that's all This is my replica and our opinion about it Remember to ask other people and channels and have your own idea We'll help you with any questions "Like" button if you like this video, see you!

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Airsoft para principiantes #8 | ¿Qué réplica compro? | Guía, tutorial | Capsule Airsoft España

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