260 $ Airsoftgun BREAKS in HALF at first game

What's up guys today, I'm using a $260 pump-action shotgun as my secondary Which I accidentally break in half so make sure to stick to the end to see how that happened the shotgun shoots Six BB's at once every time I pull the trigger Obviously I cannot holster that thing so I just carry it in my camel back pouch on my back And that was my first ever shot and killed in airsoft so I feel quite confident used a shotgun already even though the range is Not that great, but it's lightweight and compact which makes it great for close-quarter combat The shells only contain a few shots so make sure to do my tactical reloads every once in a while The area close to the building is key enough time for some long range as it's ssg24 action Balls Shot! *Miss* Butt Shot! Luckily that players Aichi doesn't have enough range and all his bb's impact into the wall below the window and right in that moment my goggles start fogging The weird movement I'm doing helps to get fresh cold the air onto the glasses and also helps to cool my head off Finally the guy hit me and have time to clean my glasses in the respawn And I'm up and running again this tunnel leads right behind the enemy lines and for some reasons this exit never gets checked It's by far the easiest way to get a ton of kills on this field Unfortunately a guy respawn and shot me in the back I could have easily knife killed those three guys if I would have been a bit faster The game only lasts for a few more minutes, and I want to get some more shotgun kills first I have to take down those two snipers in the search story of the building across the map The game ends and unfortunately It didn't get any more shotgun kills and for now I will also not be able to play with that shotgun anymore What you're about to watch is the intro that are recorded after the game guys enjoy the gas explosion Yeah, I think that was it intro actually after the game so at least I have to put it now I Can't play any games anymore It's broke right here Yeah, that's not going to work anymore today

I think that's it's one-shot game gameplay It was like BWISHHWE all the gas went in all kinds of directions yeah, it's broken I guess this metal piece here is supposed to hold it together Yeah, that doesn't work anymore it still Yeah, there's no gas inside if I blow inside No, yeah well, thanks to Sky airsoft for sending me this shotgun I think I just broke your product I'm sorry for that Maybe can send me new one I will try to treat it a little bit better Just this one just broke Maybe there's a way to fix it It's just this one part should be possible to fix it, but maybe you can reinforce the Connection between those two parts because it is basically just this metal board right here, and that's really it Sniper and shotgun gameplay NOVRITSCH, and I'll see you guys on the next video

Source: Youtube

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260 $ Airsoftgun BREAKS in HALF at first game

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