Страйкбольная мина-лягушка ОМС-5П и растяжка ОМС-5 от Зевс // Airsoft mine

Sponsored by AirSoft-Rus Hello Guys, this is Marty and another review of Zeus airsoft fireworks I already reviewed their hand grenades and disposable grenade launcher in previous videos

This video is about mines Today I have two mines under review The first one is OMS-5, the ordinary booby-trap mine that detonates as soon the ring is pulled The second one is way more complex OMS-5P This is jumping mine or so-called "frog-mine"

It jump up into the air before detonation Let's start with simpler model – OMS-5 It's essentially just a booby-trap in a form of ordinary airsoft grenade of Corsair-6 petard power It has no delay, so it detonates instantly If you've never used such fireworks before, search the internet for a proper wire to use

During the test I've used the ordinary kapron thread and it was not the best decision Any thread is elastic enough to not detonate on pulling So please, consider using some other material, I know that steel wire is usually used As for the mine itself it's just the carton cylinder with the ring and safety pin – which is just an ordinary nail You set the mine and fix it in place

You then set the wire or thread and before leaving the danger zone – you pull the safety pin out The second is OMS-5P mine, this one is much more interesting because of a complex design This is jumping mine so it doesn't detonate itself Instead it launches the charge up to 2 meters high The charge is pulling the wire so once it's up in the air – the pulled wire detonates the charge

You have to consider this mine's specific mechanism As opposed to booby-trap mine, which can be placed where ever you like, jumping mine needs free space above it So you cannot place it on the tree with a lot of branches or foliage – the charge will just hit the obstacle and won't detonate You will need to place it on some trunk, branch-less tree, or some peg you prepared in advance I hope you liked this review

If you are interested in these mines – the link to manufacturer's site is below Subscribe my channel, check all the links below and don't forget about safety, when using fireworks!

Source: Youtube

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Страйкбольная мина-лягушка ОМС-5П и растяжка ОМС-5 от Зевс // Airsoft mine

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