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You're on RedArmyAirsoft Today we'll take a look at an interesting product from Silverback Airsoft Particularly, the SRS-A1 spring sniper rifle, the Sport version The first thing, I want to say: This rifle has a real prototype No way! Furthermore, people, who have handled both the real and the airsoft guns, say, that it's probably one of the most realistic and accurate replicas of a firearm in the airsoft industry

Definitely due to the fact, that the airsoft replica was created in tandem with the firearm manufacturer – Desert Tech Formerly known as Desert Tactical Arms The SRS-A1 from Silverback replicates the firearm not only in terms of dimensions, appearance and markings, but also construction and construction materials of the exteriors An interesting fact is that even the real firearm prototype was created just a few years ago, and hasn't yet entered any army's service in the world Desert Tactical Arms has been around since 2007

SRS-A1 was created in 2012 And already in 2015 Silverback Airsoft creates the airsoft version of the rifle The new Sport version of 2017 has fallen into my hands It's distinguished from the Covert by the lack of a monopod, lack of a trigger pull adjustment and a plastic RIS rail, that it comes with With that said, the Sport version costs about $380 in Hong Kong

For comparison: The Covert version is $100 more expensive When you handle this rifle, you're pleasantly surprised by two things: The first is a compact and monolithic construction It might seemingly look like a toy, but feels absolutely different when handled Stock is made of nylon fiber Handguard and receiver are made of aviation grade aluminum by milling

There are markings on the receiver, like on the firearm The serial number of every rifle is unique In terms of the bolt, there are 4 versions of the rifle: Pull Bolt – when you have to pull harder And Push Bolt – when you have to push harder Each of the two is available with the handle on the right or left

Design of the rifle is quiet interesting Rifle is disassembled very quickly and easily For that, you need to take off the butt Then take out the spring with guide Take away the rubber cover

Pull out the piston and cylinder with nozzle The spring guide doesn't have a bearing Made of steel 13mm VSR type spring Aluminum piston with a steel end

Piston head is ventilated Cylinder, nozzle and handle are steel As you understand, all the inner parts of this rifle are enhaced and ready for upgrade To increase the fps, you just need to replace the basic spring with a more powerful And like on the firearm, the outer barrel is detachable

It's attached to the receiver with 5 screws One big on the left side And four smaller on the right So you can have 2 barrels with different length, diameter, and even hop-up Don't know what for yet

But, might come in handy By the way, you can leave your thoughts on this in the comments 500mm brass AEG inner barrel And this is with the full rifle length of 750mm Aluminum hop-up with a unique design, featuring 2 bolts for adjustment

Fine adjustment with 2 bolts allows to adjust the sidespin, if necessary The hop-up features two rubber guskets on the outer side of the nozzle In our case they were ripped for some reason And we couldn't assess compression for now We'll see what happens after the replacement

There's aluminum spacers with delta rings on the inner barrel The basic trigger mechanism is also enhanced and ready for upgrade Let's talk about ergonomics and this gun's operations Here's the trigger The bolt

And safety The safety is present on both left and right Mag release button is on the left and right as well The whole top of the receiver is the rail for attachments There's no iron sights

The handguard is aluminum with the rail on top It's possible to install additional rails on the sides with screws for more attachments For example a bipod, swivel, or laser sight One rail was included Length and height of the buttstock are adjustable

Cheek pad is for the height Spacers to the butt are for the length They are included When I was looking at pictures, the rifle somehow seemed bulky But when you handle it, you realise, that it's not at all

It's lightweight and compact In terms of ergonomics, the bullpup has both pros and cons Holding it and aiming with it is nice Thanks to the bullpul configuration, the rifle is short, while the barrel is rather long Crawling in bushes with it must be fairly convenient

At first there are complaints about ergonomics The bolt is too close to the face, and cocking isn't very convenient Although, having practised a little, you realise how to do it My biggest complaints are about releasing the mag On all the bullpups I've handled, it's always been inconvenient

On this rifle it's even harder, as the springs in the release buttons are very stiff Two mags were included at once I liked the mags a lot They're metal, compact, but not too tiny, and feed BBs well The capacity of one is 30 BBs

On the buttstock there's a spot for quick-release swivels On both the left and right Apart from the mags, the package contained: a set of hex keys, a rail, a spare A-ring, bolts, and several spacers for the buttstock There was also lube for the cylinder An open cylinder is convenient on one hand

But on the other hand, I see a potential problem If actively playing in a forest or on a dusty field, most likely, some stuff might get into the cylinder, with all, that it entails You'd most likely have to clean this rifle often In my opinion, the SRS-A1 from Silverback is a very interesting rifle, that can be considered as a replacement for the hackneyed VSR-10s or M24s It's ready for upgrade straight off, you don't need to replace anything, but the spring

In Russia you can order it in the following shops All links are in the description When we get a powerful spring, the hop up o-ring replacements and some external elements, I'll make another video, where we shoot it, and share the first playing impressions Meanwhile, you can leave your opinion about this rifle in the comments I'm done here

With you was Evgenevich Don't forget to put a sheer thumb up See you soon Are you sure you put a like?

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